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Concrete Overlay With Polyurethane Coating

Concrete Overlay with Polyurethane Coating

Finished Picture of the concrete overlayment installation with a 2 part polyurethane sealant finish. Beautiful!!

After the floor was leveled from the 3″ grade, we installed an epoxy primer with sand giving the overlayment a pourous and solid surface to bond to. We choose this epoxy primer as opposed to traditional latex primers because forklifts and heavy equipment will be moved across the floor frequently and the epoxy primer will withstand heavy rolling loads and abuse and maintain it’s integrity.

This is a unique project in that were only refinishing 1/3rd of this area. The floor had 3″ in height difference. Here’s a picture of the floor being leveled out. In total we used 1000 lbs of concrete just to get the floor level.

The area in the picture has many coats of paint and will all need to be grinded off. Also, the floor has many high and low spots and we’ll need to be floated to achieve a level floor.

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Dustin G.
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